TV viewing is changing for the better! Like faxes and dial-up internet, traditional cable TV has had its heyday. How we communicate and are entertained is evolving with technology. HCC is still dedicated to providing you quality entertainment, but needs to make way for network growth and faster internet speeds. Hood Canal Communications is discontinuing traditional cable TV service!

The next generation of TV is here- nexTV by HCC!

Since 2019, we have been offering nexTV that includes all of your favorite networks and provides a similar experience to cable TV. Here’s a few advantages that nexTV has over traditional cable TV:

• All HD lineup
• Cloud DVR has unlimited simultaneous recordings and watch anywhere
• Restart lets you watch programs from the beginning
• Replay is a large library of on demand content
• App-based so you can watch nexTV at home on devices too
• Search is an advanced interactive search functionality
• WatchTVEverwhere included with your subscription
• TiVo+ is included and gives you dozens of extra channels
• Bring Your Own Device- use your compatible streaming device or lease ours for a cable like experience

We offer three different packages on nexTV: Preferred, Basic, and Lite. View the nexTV price list and channel lineup here. In many cases switching from traditional cable TV to nexTV may even save you money. The all HD lineup and Cloud DVR mean you no longer pay extra for HD or DVR boxes. You can still enjoy a cable like experience when you lease our streaming boxes.

nexTV is a streaming video service and requires HCC internet service. If you don’t already subscribe to HCC internet, we have an offer just for you. We also have a great offer for existing internet customers too!

Our customer service team is here to help guide you through this transition. Please stop by the Union or Shelton office to demo the service or give us a call at 360.898.2481. Welcome to the future of entertainment- nexTV by HCC!

Switch and Save nexTV Promotions

Switch to Basic or Preferred nexTV by September 30, 2023, we will waive the standard $60 installation fee, give you $10 off for 6 months, and offer free Cloud DVR for 3 months! Some restrictions may apply.

New internet customers can get $10 off for 6 months when signed up by September 30, 2023. If the internet and nexTV are installed at the same appointment we will also waive the standard $60 install fee. Some restrictions may apply.

Existing internet customers can double their download speeds for 6 months at no extra charge ($15 monthly value) when signed up by September 30, 2023. Some restrictions may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is HCC transitioning customers from traditional cable TV to nexTV by HCC?
• Technology is advancing in entertainment and more consumers are signing up for internet service. To make way for faster internet speeds and system growth, HCC is discontinuing traditional cable TV.

What if I only have cable TV and no internet service with HCC?
• If you have internet service with another provider, please consider HCC’s internet offerings and promotions. nexTV by HCC requires an HCC internet connection.
• If you do not have internet service at home, now is an excellent time to consider HCC’s internet offerings and promotions. nexTV by HCC requires an HCC internet connection.

What if I do not switch to nexTV?
• Customers were sent letters that advised what phase they were in and the end date for traditional cable TV. Failure to switch by that date will result in the loss of video service. We really believe customers will love nexTV and hope you will give it a try.

Can I install the nexTV service myself?
• If you would like to use your own compatible streaming devices then you’re welcome to do a self-installation. You will need to contact customer service to set up your account. See compatible devices and self-install page. There’s no charge for a technician to install HCC streaming boxes at the time of switching.

What speed of internet service do I need to use nexTV?
• For a one or two person household we recommend a minimum of the 100 Mbps service so that you have the best experience with nexTV and your other internet usage. Try out our broadband calculator to see what speed your household needs.