Hood Canal Communications offers the best service at an affordable price. Your internet service (broadband) from HCC requires equipment such as a cable modem and/or router to properly function.  Technology (especially wifi) continues to improve at an extremely rapid pace, equipment needs to be updated or replaced fairly often.  As a result, beginning June 1, 2017, all new internet service subscribers will be charged a $4.95 lease fee for equipment provided by HCC.

Existing customers (connected prior to June 1, 2017) will be subject to the $4.95 equipment lease fee beginning October 1, 2017.   These customers will be notified of this change via bill messages, as well by other methods.

All customers will also have the option to provide and maintain their own equipment.  Below is a list of recommendations and suggested devices that work well.

Router Recommendations

Cable Modem Recommendations

  • Any DOCSIS 3.0 (or higher) compliant cable modem is compatible
  • Dual Band AC wifi technology is strongly recommended
  • Suggested Arris Surfboard wifi models:


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