TV streaming just got local!

HCC IPTV is now available to all HCC broadband customers.

iptv-hcc-rounded-square• 12 HD Seattle channels

• 13 SD Seattle channels

• 50 Music channels

only $22.95

Now your HCC broadband connection can bring you all of your favorite Seattle broadcast channels for a very affordable price.  75 channels for less than $22.95 a month.

You may use your own approved device (Fire TV, Roku 3, Roku Premiere Plus).   Or you can lease a Fire TV from us for just $3.95 per month.  A broadband connection from HCC is required to use the HCC IPTV service.

HCC IPTV Channels- click to open

Fire TV

Fire TV setup instructions are available by clicking here.  Or watch the video below on how to setup a Fire TV.

Roku 3

roku box

Roku 3 setup instructions are available by clicking here.  Or watch the video below on how to setup a Roku 3.

Roku 3 audio must be configured to use Dolby D.  Instructions to update the audio configuration can be found here.

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