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Water Commissioners Briefed on Mediation

The Belfair Water District Commissioners were briefed on the mediation that is now scheduled between the Water District and David Tipton Tuesday night. After a 15-minute executive session, the Water District’s Attorney, Brian Snure, explained that mediation is mandatory in Mason County for civil lawsuits and spelled out specifically what is in dispute. Continue reading Water Commissioners Briefed on Mediation

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Future of Burned House Near Shelton Library

The Shelton City Commission was asked Monday when something will be done with the burned out house across Alder Street from the Shelton Library. The house fire occurred more than a year ago and according to the Director of the City’s Department of Community and Economic Development, Steve Goins, the City has a process to abate these types of dangerous structures through its Hearing Examiner. Continue reading Future of Burned House Near Shelton Library

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Basic's getting an upgrade

Beginning Tuesday, October 2, channels 2-70 are moving to digital only. A DTA will be required on each TV in order to continue to receive the full basic lineup. DTAs are available now at both HCC offices. Learn more at