Gary E. Cherry - 5' 10" 175 LBS

A Shelton man declared a sex predator has been unconditionally released from all restrictions and his only requirement is to register as a sex offender. According to a bulletin from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, 53-year-old Gary E. Cherry was declared a sexually violent predator in September 1999 and civilly committed to the Special Commitment Center at McNeil Island. In January 2003, Cherry was released to the McNeil Island Community Transition Facility. In December of that year, Cherry was released to his Shelton home in the 400 block of East “E” Street in the Mt. View area. That release came with conditions including completing a six-step sex offender treatment program, having GPS tracking, home monitoring and a chaperon. In September 2009, the Mason County Superior Court found Cherry still met the definition of a sexually violent predator. However on Tuesday, March 06, 2012, Gary E. Cherry was unconditionally released from all restrictions and now only needs to register as a sex offender.

Cherry has three separate convictions for sex offenses:

1979 Rape 2nd Degree in Grays Harbor County (Cherry befriended a barmaid, received a ride from the barmaid, mislead her to a remote location and subsequently forcibly raped her multiple times.);

1986 Indecent Liberties with Forcible Compulsion in Grays Harbor County (Cherry met a 19 year old female with her 7 month old child at a fishing pond and again befriended her. After about 30 minutes of conversation, he grabbed at the female, pulled her out of her vehicle and pulled her shorts off all while threatening her and attempting to rape her. The victim was able to fight back and fend off Cherry who apologized and asked her not to tell the police. At the time of this attack Cherry was on parole for the Rape 2nd.);

1990 Rape 2nd Degree in Mason County (Cherry met a 21 year old female at a café where they played darts until 1:30 am. Under the guise of giving the victim a ride to her house, Cherry instead took her to a remote location and raped her multiple times and physically assaulted her.)

Cherry has also admitted to raping 18 other females but never charged.

Due to these factors, Gary E. Cherry is considered a high risk to re-offend and has been assessed as a Level 3 Sex Offender – the highest level. Gary E Cherry is a white male, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. And again he has given his address as with in the 400 block of East “E” Street in Shelton’s Mt. View area.