The Ridge Motorsports Park is expected to bring in millions of dollars to Mason County. The recently completed racetrack located just north of Shelton on Eells Hill Road caters to Club Racers and is estimated to bring in nearly $9 Million annually to businesses in the County. Rod Powell, one of the owners, made a presentation to the Port of Shelton Commission Tuesday explaining how the track got built (the first of its type built in the State since 1961), who will use it, and what type of events will be held there.

Powell emphasized that this is NOT a venue for spectators and racing only occurs on weekends.

As mentioned, the facility has a driving school.

Powell also talked about future amenities, which includes a drag strip that should be complete by this summer.

Although full development of the track will take five years to complete, the track is completely sold out for the 2012 season.

According to Powell, they plan to build a museum that will show Mason County’s rich history of racing.

More information about the Ridge Motorsports Park is available online: