The Mason County Board of Health unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday that supports collaboration in addressing COVID-19 and urges residents to follow all health and hygiene recommendations to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The draft resolution is below.

The resolution supports “collaboration among City, County, and business partners” in addressing COVID-19 and explains “behaviors drive the disease” and a change in behavior may reduce further restrictions. With the resolution, the Board of Health asks residents to “exercise greater vigilance in adherence to masking procedures, social distancing, and hygiene to prevent an increase in COVID-19 cases.” The Board also “recommends that holiday family gatherings be kept small” and short to make “every effort to protect” those most vulnerable. And the Mason County Board of Health asks the the City of Shelton and Mason County governments “set the example” and adhere to the COVID-19 rules and recommendations.

Members of the Mason County Board of Health are Peggy VanBuskirk (Public Hospital District No 2), Keri Davidson (Shelton School Board), Scott Hillburn (Public Hospital District No.1), Kathy McDowell (City of Shelton), Gary Plews (Mason County Fire District No. 4), and Mason County Commissioners Kevin Shutty, Randy Neatherlin, and Sharon Trask.