[VIDEO] A virtual open house on the Shelton Veterans Village was held Wednesday night. Jaycie Osterberg, Executive Director of Quixote Communities, updated about a dozen people on the tiny homes community to be build on North 13th Street in Shelton. Six members of the Shelton City Council were among those to attend the online information session.

During the open house, Osterberg highlighted some of the changes in the Shelton Veterans Village including a change from individual tiny house to fourplexes which triples the number of ADA units and are less expensive to build. The Executive Director also explained that the community will house 30 veterans and strive to have a clean and sober environment. She also reassured folks that sex offenders would NOT be allowed in the community and discussed how the community is funded.

Osterberg plans to hold this type of open houses on a regular basis and pledged to provide regular updates to the Shelton City Council.

More information on the Shelton Veterans Village is available online at http://www.quixotecommunities.org.