Kirsten Faberzak of the Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce has been awarded the only scholarship among Washington members to attend the annual conference of the Western Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E.), representing chambers situated across 20 Western states. A total of 15 individuals were selected to attend the 2021 event scheduled this February in Las Vegas; however, it will now be held virtually.

Faberzak applied on behalf of the small, rural chamber after being hired as office manager nearly a year ago. The upcoming Conference will be her first introduction to a national Chamber network where peer relationships and collaborative efforts are a focus. The Shelton-Mason County Chamber has been a member of the W.A.C.E. for eleven years.

“Our small, three-person office staff provides Kirsten a unique chance to be an integral part of internal operations and community effort,” says Chamber CEO Heidi McCutcheon. “We are thrilled she will be able to attend conference; it will equip her with a better understanding of how we approach advocacy and business development as an industry as well as provide interaction with key leaders.”

“I’m excited to be selected! I am looking forward to intensive training and exchanging ideas with other professionals that can ultimately benefit our members here,” adds Faberzak “This scholarship allows me to attend; it was not otherwise possible.”