Additional ballots from the November 7th General Election were counted Friday, November 17, 2023. The latest results show close races for Hood Canal School Board Position No. 4 and Pioneer School Board Director Position No. 3 but no significant changes in the races.

Jimmy Harris has a 19-vote lead on Rebecca Roadman for Hood Canal School Board Position No. 4. Harris now has 1,099 voters (50.11%) to Roadman’s 1,080 votes (49.25%) with 14 write-ins (0.64%). The percentage difference in this race (0.86%) does NOT trigger a recount.

Robert Clark has a 26-vote lead on Jim Christie for Pioneer School Board Director Position No. 3. Clark has 1, 299 votes (50.14%) to Christie’s 1,273 votes (49.13%) with 19 write-ins (0.73%). The percentage difference in this race (1.01%) does NOT trigger a recount.

A recount is required if the difference between the candidates is less that one half of one percent and also less than 2,000 votes.

In the race for Mason County Superior Court Judge Position 1, challenger Dave Stevens continues to lead incumbent Cadine Ferguson-Brown. Stevens now lead 57.17% (8,754 votes) to Ferguson-Brown’s 42.5% (6,508 votes) with 51 write-ins (0.33%).

In the Shelton City Council races, George Blush still leads Tristen Smith now 57.66% to 41.67% for Council Member No. 1. That’s 851 voting for Blush, 615 voting for Smith with ten write-ins (0.68%).
Melissa Stearns continues to lead incumbent Kathy McDowell for Council Member No. 2. Stearns now leads with 60.54% (867 votes) to McDowell’s 39.04% (559 votes) with six write-ins (0.42%).
And a closer race for Council Member No. 5 as Tom Gilmore leads Mark Frazier by 36 votes. Gilmore now has 717 votes (50.85%) to Frazier’s 681 votes (48.3%) with 12 write-ins (0.85%).

In the race for Port of Shelton Commissioner Position No. 1, Dale Elmlund continues to beat incumbent Sue Patterson now with 53.91% (2,667 votes) to Patterson’s 45.64% (2,258 votes) with 22 write-ins (0.44%).

In the races for Shelton School Board, incumbent Karla Knudsen-Johnston maintains her substantial lead on Brandi L. Housh for Director District No. 1. Knudsen-Johnston now has 67.59% (2,884 votes) to Housh’s 31.87% (1,360 votes) with 23 write-ins (0.54%).
In the race for Director District No. 2, incumbent Lauren Gilmore still leads Andrew Wilford. Gilmore now has 50.7% (2,143 votes) to Wilford’s 48.69% (2,058 votes) with 26 write-ins (0.62%).
Incumbent Keri Davidson continues her lead on Tommy Stearns for Director Position No. 2. Davidson now has 64.24% (2,716 votes) to Stearns’ 35.29% (1,492 votes) with 20 write-ins (0.47%).
And the new member on the Shelton School Board is Becky Cronquist who ran unopposed for Director Position No. 1.

In the race for Pioneer School Board Director Position No. 4, Ellory Rowe continues to lead Nicholas Stone now with
has 67.34% (1,658 votes) to Stone’s 31.76% (782 votes) with 22 write-ins (0.89%).

The Hood Canal School District’s bond measure to expand and renovate the school now has 58.16% approval with 1,375 voting “Yes” and 989 voting “No” on the $33.5 Million 20-year bond.

Nicholas Jones continues his commanding lead on Jennifer Jutson for Mason County Fire District 12 Commission Position No. 2. Jones now has 82.5% of the vote with 321 to Jutson’s 62 or 15.94% with six write-ins or 1.54%.

The approval rate for Mason County Fire District 16’s Emergency Medical Services Levy is 58.54% with 576 voting “Yes” and 408 voting “No”.

In Mason County Fire District 17, Patrick O’Brien maintains his lead on Jenni Glasco for Commissioner Position No. 2. O’Brien now has 60.53% (161 votes) to 39.1% (104 votes) for Glasco.
Support for the Fire District’s Property Tax Levy Lid Lift continues. The measure now has a 69.63% approval rate with 188 voting “Yes” and 82 voting “No”.

In the contested race for Hartstene Pointe Water Commissioner Position No. 1, Carl E. Anderson still holds a substantial lead on Andrew Hospador now 70.14% (101 votes) to 29.17% (42 votes) with one write-in (0.69%).

As of 1:17 PM 11/17/23, Election Officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office have counted 15,735 ballots from the General Election. With 44,701 registered voters in the county, that’s a turnout of 35.2%. Next count is scheduled for November 27th with the election certified on November 28th.