Monday, Election officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office counted 31 more ballots from the November 2nd General Election and those results were certified Tuesday by the Mason County Canvasing Board. However, two races are headed to recounts.

In the race for Shelton City Council Member No. 7, Miguel Gutierrez has a five-vote lead on George Blush. Gutierrez has 728 votes (49.59%) to Blush’s 723 votes (49.25%). Even with the 17 write-in votes (1.16%), the percentage separation between the two candidates (0.34%) is under the threshold that triggers a machine recount. That recount is scheduled for 9 AM Tuesday November 30, 2021.

In the race for North Mason School Board Director District No. 5, Arla Shephard Bull leads Michael Curtin by 22 votes. That’s 2,283 votes (49.53%) for Shephard Bull and 2,261 votes (49.06%) for Curtin with 65 write-in votes (1.41%). The percentage difference between those candidates (0.47%) triggers a machine recount as well. That recount is scheduled for 9 AM Wednesday, December 1, 2021. This recount will coincide with the recount in Kitsap County since the North Mason School District covers the two counties.

According to Mason County Auditor Paddy McGuire, a recount in Washington State means election officials look at ballots that were recorded as undervotes. An undervote is when a voter chooses to not vote for either candidate and leaves that race blank. In the Shelton City Council race, there are 109 ballots. In North Mason, there are 642 ballots.

The Mason County Canvasing Board will meet at 2 PM Thursday, December 2, 2021 to certify the recount results.

Other results are now official.

The North Mason School District’s Educational Programs and Operations Levy has passed by 34 votes with 2,625 (50.33%) voting “Yes” and 2,591 (49.67%) voting “No”.

Joe Schmit defeated Tyler “Mad Dog” Elliot for Shelton City Council Member No. 6: 1,055 votes (71.77%) to 408 (27.76%) with seven write-in votes (0.48%).

In the race for Mason County Public Hospital District 1 Commissioner Position No. 1, Darrin Moody beat Thor Agustsson: 6,644 votes (56.85%) to 4,937 (42.25%) with 105 write-in votes (0.9%).

The annexation into Mason County PUD No. 1 passed with 91.1 percent suppoter. That’s 348 votes for and 34 against.

For Pioneer School Board Director Position No. 3, Stephanie Schlitz beats Robert Clark, 1,549 votes (58.1%) to 1,079 (40.47%) with 38 write-in votes (1.43%).

In the contested race for Hood Canal School Board Position No. 4, Travis Harder defeated Dydemus Cordova, now 1,001 votes (59.76%) to 632 (37.73%) with 42 write-in votes (2.51%).

In the Mary M. Knight School District, Jill Edgin takes the Director District No. 2 seat from Shawn Donnelly: 193 votes (52.3%) to 190 (46.07%) with six write-in votes (1.63%).
Mike Bateman retains his Director Position No. 1 seat over Brenda Wilder: 227 (65.8%) to 115 (33.33%) with three write-ins (0.87%).

Mason County Fire District No. 6’s property tax levy lid lift now has ten more votes in favor with 449 voting “Yes” (50.56%) and 439 voting “No” (49.44%).

For Mason County Fire District 11 Commissioner Position No. 1, Kevin Ward takes the seat over Bradley McCutcheon. Ward finished with 367 votes (77.26%) to McCutcheon’s 105 (22.11%) with three write-ins (0.63%).

Mason County Fire District 16’s permanent regular property tax levy for Emergency Medical Services failed with 485 voting against (54.62%) and 403 voting in favor (45.38%).

Election officials have now counted 17,715 ballots and the turnout for this election is just over 40% (40.31%).