No changes in the leaders from Tuesday’s Primary Election after additional ballots were counted Thursday but the gaps have closed in many races.

In the three-person race for Mason County Commissioner District 3, Democrat Miguel Gutierrez still leads now with 2,341 votes (43.03%), followed by incumbent Republican Sharon Trask with 1,636 votes (30.07%), and then Republican Mark Carlson with 1,460 votes (26.83%). There are four write-in votes in this race. The top two candidates face off in the General Election and with a handful of ballots left to count, it appears Gutierrez and Trask are the candidates.

In the four-person race for Mason County PUD 3 Commissioner District 1 (the seat currently held by Linda Gott who is retiring), Juli Tuson still leads now with 2,128 votes (35%) followed by Randy Lewis with 1,982 votes (32.6%), Marty Crow now has 987 votes (16.23%) and Brianna Sheetz with 946 votes (15.56%). There are 37 write-in votes in this race. The top two vote getters advance to November’s General Election and that appears to be Tuson and Lewis.

The latest Primary Election results for Mason County Clerk show an 18-vote separation between incumbent Democrat Sharon Moore-Fogo with 9,653 votes (49.98%) and Republican challenger Charles Rhodes with 9,653 votes (49.89%). There are 24 write-in votes in this race.

The race for Mason County Assessor has Independent incumbent Patti McLean with 11,273 votes (58.88%) to Republian challenger George Blush’s 7,830 (40.9%). There are 43 write-in votes in this race.
In the race for Mason County Auditor, there are 314 votes incumbent Democrat Paddy McGuire with 9,870 votes (50.76%) to Republican challenger Steve Duenkel’s 9,556 votes (49.14%). There are 20 write-in votes in this race.
For Mason County Coroner, 95.48% (13,918 votes) voted for Jaime Taylor with 659 write-ins.
For Mason County Prosecutor, 95.18% (13,302 votes) voted for Michael Dorcy with 674 write-ins.
For Mason County Sheriff, 95.33% (13,823 votes) voted for Ryan Spurling with 677 write-ins.
For Mason County Treasurer, 94.09% (13,269 votes) voted for Lisa Frazier with 834 write-ins.

The numbers still show all fire levies receiving over 60 percent approval.
The City of Shelton’s Emergency Medical Services Levy now has 60.69% approval with 1,093 voting “Yes” and 708 voting “No”.
Mason County Fire District 4’s Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services Property Tax Levy now has 62.87% approval with 1,517 voting “Yes” and 896 voting “No”.
In Mason County Fire District 5 (Central Mason Fire and EMS), 62.77% of the voters are in favor ot the proposition restoring the Fire District’s property tax levy. That’s 3,626 voting “Yes” and 2,151 voting “No”.
Mason County Fire District 11’s EMS regular property tax levy now has 73.21% approval. That’s 451 Island Lake resident voting “Yes” and 165 voting “No”.

In the four-person race for 35th Legislative District State Representative Position 2 (the seat currently held by Drew MacEwen who is running for State Senate), Democrat Sandy Kaiser is the leader now with 18,554 votes (45.8%), followed by Republican Travis Couture with 10,775 votes (26.6%), then Republican Patti Case with 6,989 votes (17.25%) and Republican Tiffany Sevruk with 4,169 votes (10.29%). The top two vote getters on the General Election Ballot: Kaiser and Couture.

In the race for 35th Legislative District State Representative Position 1, incumbent Republican Dan Griffey leads Democrat James DeHart now 23,112 votes (56.79%) to 17,543 (43.11%).

In the race for 35th Legislative State Senator (the seat currently held by Tim Sheldon who is retiring), Republican Drew MacEwen leads Democrat Julianne Gale now 22,204 votes (54.45) to 18,527 (45.43%).

In the six-person race for 6th Congressional District U.S. Representative, incumbent Democrat Derek Kilmer now has 51.1%, followed by Republican Elizabeth Kreiselmaier with 23.46%. Republican Todd Bloom is next with 10.38%. Then Democrat Rebecca Parson with 9.21%. Republican Chris Binns with 4.67%. And then Independent Tom Triggs with 1.13%. Kilmer and Kreiselmaier will face off in November.

The top two vote getters for U.S. Senator are incumbent Democrat Patty Murray with 53.18% and Republican Tiffany Smiley with 33.06%.

In the race for Washington State Secretary of State, incumbent Democrat Steve Hobbs remains the leader now with 40.52%. Nonpartisan Julie Anderson is holding on to second with 13.08%, followed by Republican Keith Wagoner now with 12.05% and then Republican Bob Hagglund now with 11.98%.

Additional ballots will be counted on Friday, August 5th. The Election will be certified on August 16th.