[VIDEO] The Shelton City Council meets Tuesday. MasonWebTV Powered by HCC’s Dedrick Allan talked with City Manager Jeff Niten about the meeting in the latest episode of “Shelton City Council Looking Ahead.”

The agendas for the March 21, 2023 Shelton Metropolitan Park District and Shelton City Council meetings are on the City’s website: sheltonwa.gov. Click here to go directly the Park District meeting’s agenda. Click here to go directly to the Council meeting’s agenda packet.  The Council meets in-person in the Courtroom at the Shelton Civic Center, 525 W. Cota Street, beginning at 5:45 PM for the Park District and 6 PM for the Council meeting. You can also attend via Zoom video conferencing (that link is also available on the City’s website: sheltonwa.gov) or watch the livestream on the City’s YouTube Channel.