[VIDEO] Naming a street or road can be a bit daunting. Do you name a street for a historical figure? An industry? Where the road leads? The historic use of the adjacent land? What process is used to come up with a street name? These questions have resurfaced after the Port of Shelton received a request to name a future street for one of the pioneering families in Mason County. The Port Commission started that conversation during a special meeting Monday and MasonWebTV Powered by HCC was the only media present.

The Port of Shelton has a series of private streets on its properties with names such as Sanderson Way, William White Way, Rose Nye Way, Enterprise Road, Business Park Loop, Millwright Road, and Airview Way.

No decision on street names was made Monday as Port Commissioner Sue Patterson was not able to attend the special meeting. The Peste family will be making a more elaborate and formal presentation to the Port of Shelton Commission next month.