Digital terminal adapters (DTA) are heading to a TV set near you!  HCC will soon begin deploying DTAs for all cable subscribers.  The DTAs will allow HCC to broadcast the basic cable lineup in an all-digital format.  This will mean improved picture quality as well as access to the local Seattle Networks in high definition.

Broadcasting in all digital will allow HCC to discontinue broadcasting channels in analog on their cable system.  This frees up valuable space to be used for other services and features.  Video service is evolving, and customers are demanding a more interactive experience and selection.  This requires faster Internet speeds and uses more data.  Going all digital is the first step towards better video service and faster Internet speeds.

The good news is that the DTAs are small, inconspicuous, and have an onscreen guide.  They are HD compatible with an HDMI output offering the highest quality connection on cable TV equipment.  With the convenient onscreen guide finding what’s on now or in the future easier than ever. An HCC branded universal remote control will be provided with each DTA.  The simplified remote features RF technology and the ability to control your TV set.  That means the DTA can be tucked away behind your TV (or put in to an entertainment center) while ensuring the remote will still work!

During the spring and summer of 2018 cable customers began to see notifications, advertisements, and reminders that DTAs will be required in order to continue to receive all of their basic cable channels.  This fall HCC will begin eliminating analog broadcast channels in groups of eight.  Below are some frequently asked questions and manuals for the DTA and remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will HCC start removing analog channels?

  • On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, HCC began removing analog channels. Channels will be removed in descending order.  After an analog channel has been removed it will continue to be available in digital which will require a DTA.  Eventually, channels 2 through 70 will only be available in the digital format.

When will HCC start deploying DTAs?

  • We are currently issuing them from both offices and installing them in the field.  Any order for basic cable service will require DTAs.

Will the DTA have an interactive guide?

  • Yes, the DTAs will provide an interactive on screen guide similar to the one currently available with Preferred cable.

Will there be a fee for the DTAs?  When will the fee start being billed to customers?

  • A monthly lease fee of $2.99 will be billed for each DTA.

Will the DTA have to be configured for the customer?

  • Every DTA will need to be provisioned to work with a specific customer account before they will function properly.  No additional programming by the customer is needed.

How many boxes can a customer have in their home?  How many boxes are free?

  • There is no limit to the number of DTAs a customer can have in each home.  Basic Cable customers will receive 1 free DTA.  Preferred Cable customers are not eligible for a free DTA because their service includes a free standard DCT.

Why is HCC upgrading their system and requiring DTAs?

  • The cable industry as a whole is streamlining how cable service is delivered to customers.  This equipment is keeping with industry standards to create a better user experience.  HCC has delayed this transition as long as possible, making it more cost effective and a simplified process.  Reclaiming bandwidth from analog broadcast channels will improve internet bandwidth on HCC networks and allow HCC to offer more advanced streaming video products in the future.

Will the DTA boxes replace standard DCTs or HD boxes?

  • In some cases a DTA may be substituted for a standard DCT.  However DTAs are NOT a substitute for HD Boxes.  Keep in mind that a DTA doesn’t have access to pay-per-view, premium channels, or Preferred Cable channels.

Will there be a charge if a customer damages or loses a DTA or its remote?

  • A fee of $50 will be charged for each damaged or lost DTA; a fee of $10 will be charged for each damaged or lost remote.

What happens if the DTA goes bad?

  • If a DTA goes bad, HCC will replace it at no charge since the equipment is leased.

How do I hook the box up?  What if I attempt to hook it up but it doesn’t work?

  • Installation kits and simple instructions are available at either HCC Office; customers experiencing trouble in connecting a DTA should call 360.898.2481 for assistance.  If it is determined that a technician needs to be scheduled to assist or troubleshoot there may be a $30 trip fee charged.

Will a DTA improve my service?  What improvements or benefits will I get by having an “all digital” signal?

  • This will be a pure digital picture which will likely improve the picture quality.  The audio quality may be improved as well.  However, this is TV dependent.  The new interactive guide will also be an additional benefit with the DTA.

Will I get any channels if I choose not to lease a DTA?

  • TV manufacturers use a variety of analog and digital tuners. Keep in mind that after the all-digital conversion is complete, an analog signal will no longer be broadcast on the HCC cable system.  Determining which digital channels, a specific TV tuner will receive is next to impossible.  Performing an auto channel scan on a TV connected directly to the coax will tell you the number of channels it can receive without a DTA.  These stations will be limited to the local Seattle channels (like ABC, NBC, CBS, etc).

What if my TV doesn’t have an HDMI input?

  • The DTA has a coax output to screw on to the input of older TV sets.  If the coax connection is used the TV set will have to be turned to channel 3 or 4 to work with DTA.

Why is there now a charge associated with my additional TVs?

  • No additional charge applies to TVs that do not have a DTA, however channel reception may be limited.  Using a DTA will ensure all the Basic Cable channels are available.

Can I buy my own DTA? If not, why?

  • The HCC cable TV distribution system needs to communicate extensively with the DTA.  Unfortunately non-HCC DTAs cannot be configured to work with our cable system.  HCC does not sell cable equipment.

Is there a fee for DTAs while my service is on seasonal vacation?

  • Yes, if the equipment is left in the home, the equipment lease fee ($2.99 per DTA) applies just like with other digital set top boxes.  However customers have the option to return all equipment while they are away for extended periods of time.

Is there a deposit required for the DTAs?

  • Based on an individual credit check a refundable deposit may be required.  If one is required, the deposit on the first DTA is $50, and $25 for each additional DTA.

Does the DTA come with a remote? Do I have to use the HCC remote?

  • Yes, the DTA comes with a remote.  Other universal remotes may work with the HCC DTAs.  However HCC has no recommendations on other universal remotes beyond the one they supply.

I thought all cable companies had to upgrade from analog to digital in 2009?

  • The 2009 Digital Television Transition was for over the air transmission of TV stations and didn’t apply to cable companies.  That digital conversion was specifically to free up broadcast spectrum (airwaves) for emergency service use.
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