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Pandemic Financial Assistance

Past due account? Grant funds are available to help.

Biz Internet
Get $15 off for 3 months!

Internet Speed Upgrade

We’ve upgraded our cable modem internet speeds. Upgrade your existing speed and get $15 off for 3 months!

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Free upgrade!

HCC smart WiFi

Get HCC smart WiFi for the same price as Basic WiFi for 6 months!

Get $15 off for 6 months!

nexTV by HCC

Start streaming with nexTV today and get $15 off any nexTV package for 6 months!

The best internet experience in Mason County! For sure.
Dennis F.
You won’t get customer service like this with a big provider.
Thank you Hood Canal Employees! You all do so much for this community.
Ted J.
Who would have thought that you could get great customer service from an internet provider?
William M.
Affordable and reliable. Two thumbs up!
Jim B.

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