The Washington State Patrol (WSP), Bremerton Police Department (BPD), Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO), and Port Orchard Police Department (POPD) will conduct a fourth “High Visibility Enforcement” (HiVE) patrol in the five-mile radius of Gorst on Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022. The focus area includes West Bremerton and areas of Port Orchard.

The agencies have combined efforts with day-long HiVE patrols in and around the area of Gorst over a four week period with saturation patrols held during peak times of collisions and crime as dictated by agency collected data. Previous patrols were held on July 14, July 21, and July 28.

Participating law enforcement utilize an all crimes approach with a focus on collision causing violations. The large law enforcement presence is also aimed at deterring criminal activity in high crime areas. 

Thursday’s HiVE patrol is the final scheduled for the Gorst area. The results from the July 28 HiVE during the four-hour saturation period included 106 traffic stops for 130 violations, including 71 speed contacts and nine criminal offenses.

The HiVE participants were also able to apprehend a fleeing motorcycle rider thanks to coordination with WSP aviation who successfully tracked the motorcycle until the rider stopped on their own and was taken into custody.