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HCC smart WiFi FAQ

Does HCC smart WiFi replace my router?

The HCC smart WiFi system can replace your current router, but is flexible enough to also work with your existing router setup. You need to connect one of our SuperPods by ethernet to your current router to make it work. If you keep your router, make sure to turn off your old Wi-Fi.

What makes HCC smart WiFi different from basic HCC WiFi?

Single router Wi-Fi systems can give you the speed you need as long as you’re close enough to the router. Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters can improve coverage, but are often complicated, unreliable, and degrade performance. HCC smart WiFi is a cloud-coordinated Wi-Fi system that replaces your current router and gives you stable and consistent Wi-Fi coverage and speed in every room within your home using blazing fast tri-band pods coupled with auto-channel hop technology. HCC smart WiFi also comes with a powerful smart app, designed to give you a snapshot of your internet usage and the ability to protect devices with parental controls and more.

What does all that mean? It means fast, consistent, reliable connections to every corner of your home and peace of mind for your family’s online protection.

How many pods do I need?

Many factors can contribute the number of pods YOU may need, but generally:

  • 1-2 bedroom homes: 2 pods
  • 3-4 bedroom homes: 3 pods.

If your home has more than four bedrooms, is larger than normal or has an additional basement to cover, we recommend adding additional pods.

What’s the range of the HCC smart WiFi pods?

It’s difficult to provide you with exact numbers because of all the variables and configurations inside a home. You can place pods in every other room in your home. They have a range of 30-40 feet through walls. Our system measures the performance between each pod and creates the best pod-to-pod connections for you after optimization completes.

How do I set up HCC smart WiFi?

Installation and setup is easy! You can either follow our easy self installation steps (located here) or schedule a professional installation by an HCC technician.

HCC smart WiFi requires an HCC internet account. 

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