The Commissioners from the City of Shelton, the Port of Shelton, and Mason County PUD No. 3 ceremoniously signed two agreements that officially extend City water to John’s Prairie Monday afternoon. The Utility Extension agreement spell out how the PUD, which built the two-mile waterline extension, incorporates the Port’s previously constructed water line and the titles to both waterlines are transferred over to the City. The Wholesale Water Supply agreement explains that the Port becomes a wholesale water customer of the City with a maximum volume of water use at 75 acre feet per year.

Under the agreement, the Port will provide water service to existing and future tenants at its John’s Prairie Industrial Park. The City is NOT charging the PUD or the Port connection fees. And the wholesale water rates are subject to an annual consumer price index increase. This agreement automatically renews each year. Officials from each entity called the agreements “historic” and “momentous”. Many said the agreements end a moratorium on development on John’s Prairie while balancing that economic development with protecting the John’s Creek aquifer. Official action by the Shelton City Commission was taken just before the signing of the agreements.

Action by the Mason County PUD No. 3 Commissioners was taken at 1:30 PM Monday. And the Port of Shelton Commissioners took action at their October 18th meeting.