The City of Shelton is now incorporated into Mason Conservation District boundaries, allowing the city and its residents to receive Conservation District benefits and services.  Mason Conservation District previously shared the same boundaries as Mason County, with the exception of land within Shelton city limits. 

The City of Shelton began the incorporation process in preparation of several projects the city hopes to complete with help from Mason Conservation District.  In separate and unanimous votes, the Shelton City Commissioners and Mason Conservation District Board of Supervisors approved the new relationship in February. The Washington State Conservation Commission affirmed the arrangement on March 16.

“The City is excited about its new partnership with the Mason Conservation District,” said Ryan Wheaton, Shelton City Manager.  “The benefits and services now available to Shelton residents will be a valuable resource for addressing natural resource concerns and enhancing local conservation efforts.”

Mason Conservation District is a non-regulatory, special purpose district that offers free and low-cost services for property owners and residents of Mason County who would like to complete conservation projects and resolve natural resource problems on their lands.

Opportunities available to Mason Conservation District constituents include:

Conservation Landscaping and Backyard Habitat.  Conservation District staff work with landowners to assess, design, and implement landscapes that result in less impact on the natural environment, decreased use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, and increased habitat for birds and other desired animals.

Stormwater Planning and Management.  Landowners receive recommendations and assistance to help reduce impacts of stormwater, such as soil erosion and flooding of property, and cut down the amount of polluted water entering local streams and waterways.

Mason Conservation District has partnered with local agencies and organizations in the past — including PUD 3, Turning Pointe Domestic Services, and the Shelton, Pioneer, Southside, and Hood Canal School Districts —  to install rain gardens, water-permeable pavement, and other tools that reduce the destructive impact of stormwater runoff.  Mason Conservation District also has assisted the Shelton School District elementary schools with the design and implementation of their school gardens.  In addition, Mason Conservation District provides individual landowners throughout the county with free site assessments, technical assistance, and occasionally financial support to implement conservation plans and practices.