A 42-year-old Shelton man is in custody after reporting a bogus homicide. According to a news release, the Shelton Police Officers, along with Deputies from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, converged on a home in the 200 block of Arcadia Avenue Tuesday morning after MACECOM received a 911 call regarding a fatal shooting. The caller reported that a man had been shot and killed by his roommate.

Nearby Bordeaux Elementary School was placed on lock down as officers responded. However, officers quickly learned there had not been a fatal shooting, nor was anyone injured. Bordeaux Elementary was cleared from lock down, and investigators immediately began tracking down the initial 911 caller. The 42-year-old suspect was located downtown and taken into custody without incident.

The suspect is being held at a psychiatric facility under the involuntary mental health treatment act. The case is being forwarded to the City Prosecutor’s Office for referral of charges.

Shelton Police Department would like to remind residents that it is illegal to intentionally make false emergency calls or misuse 911 emergency services.