The City of Shelton is scheduled to install a bus pullout on Olympic Highway North near the new McDonald’s restaurant on Olympic Highway North.

City crews are taking advantage of the dry weather this week to make a few traffic improvements in the 2500 and 2600 blocks of Olympic Highway North leading up to the West K Street intersection. Thursday, December 6th, the following traffic revisions will be implemented in the right (west) southbound lane:

  • Between approximately 2650 and 2500 north, the right southbound lane will become a right turn only lane into the Olympic Gateway Center.
  • The right southbound lane directly in front of McDonalds between the two access points into the Olympic Gateway Center will be designated as a Mason Transit Authority bus stop, limited to bus traffic only.
  • The right southbound lane between the south access point into the Olympic Gateway Center and West K Street will be designated as on-street parking.
  • The designated right turn lane leading up to the West K Street intersection will be eliminated.
  • Access in and out of the Olympic Gateway Center at the two designated entry points will remain unchanged.

These improvements are designed to increase safety, enhance traffic flow, and reduce potential traffic conflict points. The addition of a designated bus stop will allow Mason Transit Authority to provide faster service without impeding the flow of southbound traffic.

Signs and flaggers will be on display throughout the day alerting drivers to the new traffic revisions.