[AUDIO] A bill that seeks to double the number of manufacturing jobs in Washington state by 2031 is under consideration by a House committee. Washington House Republicans’ John Sattgast reports.

SATTGAST: More than 265 thousand manufacturing jobs in Washington already generate more than 63-billion dollars annually in economic output. Kennewick Representative Matt Boehnke is the author of House Bill 1170, also known as the Building Economic Strength Through Manufacturing Act.

BOEHNKE: “The goal is now threefold. Number one, to double the number of manufacturing jobs in 10 years. Number two, to double the number of manufacturing firms in our state in 10 years. And number three, to double the number of women-owned and minority-owned manufacturing firms, which is critical.”

SATTGAST: The bill establishes a state goal for Washington to consistently have the highest share of workforce involved in manufacturing, and research and development occupations, of any state. It also directs the state Department of Commerce to identify the initiatives needed to achieve the goals, as well as to implement them.

A virtual public hearing was held in the House Community and Economic Development Committee, which is scheduled to act on the bill this Friday.

John Sattgast, the state Capitol.