[VIDEO] The Port of Allyn Commission held a special meeting Monday in-person (as well as via Zoom video conferencing) in the Port’s meeting room. Video of the meeting is now available.

During the meeting, the Port Commissioners held a public hearing and then adopted the Port’s 2023 budget. The budget next year includes an 8.7 percent cost of living increase in wages, and funds for finding a new Executive Director as Lary Coppola plans to retire sometime in 2023. Commissioners also approved a one-percent increase in property taxes, approved a memorandum of agreement to purchase a water system from Jeff and Debra Carey, and updated the Port’s Employee Policies.

The Port of Allyn Commission’s next meeting is 6 PM December 6, 2022. MasonWebTV Powered by HCC will being live streaming Port of Allyn Commission meetings beginning next month.