The North Mason School Board has rescheduled the public hearing on transferring property known as the Theler Wetlands to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (“WDFW”). The hearing was scheduled for tonight (Tues. Nov. 29, 2022) and is now set for 6:30 PM Thursday, December 8, 2022. The meeting was rescheduled due to the current Winter Storm Warning and prediction of heavy snow this afternoon.

According to the School District, WDFW plans to maintain the present use of the property for continued public access and use for passive recreational purposes and the District’s access to the Watershed Project Center (and associated parking on existing lot).

The property consists of approximately 90.41 acres and is composed of five separate parcels (tax parcel numbers 123325000091, 123325000092, 123311060920, 123311060420 and 123325000061) located near the District’s Early Learning Center at 22871 NE SR-3, Belfair.

The public hearing is being held in the District Office Board Room located at 250 E Campus Drive, Belfair (or possibly the High School Auditorium 150 E NM School Rd, Belfair if more space is needed). The public is invited to the hearing to provide comment and evidence for or against the propriety and advisability of the proposed property conveyance now at 6:30 PM Thursday, December 8, 2022.