[LIVE VIDEO] Watch the July 8, 2024, Mason County Commission special meeting and briefings. Purpose of the 9 AM special meeting in the Commission Chambers, 411 N. 5th Street in Shelton, is to set a public hearing on the Road Improvement District (RID) for Shetland Road for 9:15 AM Tuesday, August 13, 2024. At 9:15 AM, Commissioners and staff will hold briefings via Zoom video conferencing.

Here is the special meeting’s agenda:

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Here is the briefing schedule which is subject to change, depending on the amount of business presented:
9:15 A.M. State Auditor’s Office Entrance — Tammy Lane
9:30 A.M. Community Action Council — Justin DeFour
9:45 A.M. Sheriff’s Office — Chief Hanson
10:00 A.M. Community Development — Kell Rowen
10:15 A.M. Public Health — Dave Windom
10:30 A. M. Public Works — Loretta Swanson
10:45 A.M. Support Services — Mark Neary
Commissioner Discussion — as needed