At Tuesday night’s Shelton City Council meeting, Council confirmed the following five members of the public to serve on the newly-formed development code steering committee:

  • John Allen (local builder)
  • Marty Crow (Habitat for Humanity of Mason County)
  • Keith Fuller (local realtor)
  • Nathan Stout (local plumber)
  • Len Williams (AIA Williams Architecture)

Last month, the City requested letters of interest from individuals working in residential/commercial development, building advocacy, design professionals, or representatives from the business community.

Along with City staff, the committee will be conducting a thorough examination of the City’s development code to determine which items are outdated or inaccurate, or no longer meet state or federal standards. Their recommendations will be forwarded to City Council.

The committee’s goal is to ensure that Shelton’s development code is clear and definitive, which will help promote Shelton as a vibrant, livable community for residents, businesses, and visitors.