Recent Phishing Attacks requesting username and password


Hood Canal Communications would like to remind our customers to never reply to an email requesting their username, password, or other personal information.  

Recently HCC subscribers have been targeted by a phishing campaign to try and collect customers email addresses and passwords.   Spammers use this information to hijack customers’ email accounts and use them for further data collection or more malicious purposes.

An example of the recent phishing campaign is pasted below for your reference.   If you read a similar email and then deleted it no further action is required.   However, if you have replied to an email like the one below, please contact our technical support at 360-898-4357.




Sent: Monday, February 04, 2013 1:15 AM
Subject: Hcc Mail Alert !

Attn: Hcc Webmail User

Our webmail will be shutting down all unused Account due to the congestion in our mail server. To confirm if this account is active you are required to fill in your details below and send back to us. This information would be needed to verify your account and to avoid being closed.

Full name:

User Name:


Reconfirm Password:

Thanks For Your Co-operation

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