HCC Broadband Broadens Horizons Winners

A lot of wonderful entries were submitted in our HCC Broadband Broadens Horizons Laptop Giveaway.  We are pleased to announce the winners of the contest.  The grand prize went to Randy and Penny Shelton who received an HP 15.6″ laptop.   They plan on putting the laptop to good use running the non-profit Salmon For Soldiers.

Catherine Spencer and Joy Fulling each received $50 Best Buy gift cards for their winning entries.  Entrants were asked how broadband service from HCC has improved their lives.  Read all the winning entries below.


It really goes beyond the question at hand. It has helped and improved the lives of numerous Veterans throughout Washington State and beyond. It has helped connect Veterans and Civilians with healthy and sustainable relationships through fishing and other outdoor activities. We use our broadband service daily to reach out and connect with our greater Veteran community. And yes, I am one of those Veterans.    Randy Shelton

I am [confined to] a wheelchair and it lets me shop online for books . . . and clothes . . .  . Without your broadband I would have to rely on others, thank you for a little freedom.  Catherine Spencer

In November I quit my job of the last 11 years and took a huge leap of faith to start my own business that I now run from my home. I am a Registered Nurse and work as an independent contractor with our local medical community right [here] in Mason County. Having HCC broadband service allows me to run my business right out of my home office with efficiency and reliability my clients expect! I am really looking forward to continuing to build my business in Mason County in 2015!  Joy Fulling