WiFi Sense or Not

win10Windows 10 has a new feature called WiFi Sense that shares access to private wireless networks with your contacts on Outlook.com, Hotmail, Skype, and Facebook. There are major security concerns with this feature because anyone on your contact lists can  access your wireless network. WiFi Sense does not give the password in plain text, to but rather stores it encrypted in the cloud. When a contact near your network has WiFi Sense enabled, they will be able to connect to your network.  Microsoft states that WiFi Sense will only allow internet access and block connections to other devices on the network.  However, if they have the wireless key there is no reason they can’t gain full access to the network. In theory, people could add themselves to your contacts through social engineering or malicious software and gain access to your network. Wi-Fi Sense can be disabled by going to Settings, WiFi, WiFi Sense, then turn off. If you have any questions you may contact our tech support at 898-4357.