Increasing Cable Costs You

TOMS1HCC is currently reviewing some of the television networks that we provide in our monthly TV subscription and want to hear from you.  Our goal is to be able to bring the best value for your  entertainment dollar. As we continue to negotiate with various television networks, we would like to know which networks are important to you (and which ones might not be as important).

While we are negotiating with these programmers, it is helpful for us to tell them just what our customers think about their networks.

That’s where you come in.  We need to hear from you so we can provide our programmers with some honest feedback about what they are showing. Please take a few minutes and fill out a survey  so that we can better negotiate on your behalf.

Take the anonymous survey at

As always, we appreciate your feedback on programming matters. We work hard to get the best programming deal with all of our network programmers to provide you with a valuable entertainment package. For more information about how negotiations affect your monthly bill, please visit