April Employee Spotlight


Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, our April employees of the month are Mike Oblizalo and Robert Von Stein. Find out why they are being applauded by their co-workers below.

Mike has taken on a lot of responsibility and is kept very busy as the company General Manager.  However he still takes a personal interest in his employees.  His focus on interdepartmental communication  and a positive atmosphere are appreciated.  Mike views HCC employees as family and his outlook contributes to making HCC a great place to work!

Robert is extra helpful with customers and co-workers alike!  He goes the extra mile to make sure that each customer has a great  HCC experience.  His persistence and diligence on a current FTTH upgrade project has been appreciated  by both co-workers and supervisors.

Congratulations are in order for  several HCC employees celebrating work anniversaries in April.  Happy HCC-iversary to Spencer Jones (15 yrs), Kyle Johnston (8 yrs), Brandon West (4 yrs), and Gwil Wiley (3 yrs)!april-hcciversaries