November 2016 Employee Spotlight

dsc_2169-editCongratulations to  our November Employees of the Month Darren Eisele and Gwil Wiley.  Continue reading below why they are being recognized by their co-workers.  Congratulations to Jessica Bradley on four years at Hood Canal Communications in November.  Happy HCC-iversary Jessica!



daei-eotm-socmedDarren does an awesome job organizing company events. His attention to detail is incredible. He not only thinks about what to serve but how to serve it. He really gives a lot of thought to the guest’s experience to make sure it is fun and memorable. He is thoughtful to the customers he serves while positively promoting HCC. His energy is infectious and it inspires participation in events. He is always willing to help co-workers, even if he has to rearrange his schedule to do so.


gwwi-eotm-socmedGwil is always helpful and on top of things. During the storm, a co-workers computers was powering down every time the lights flickered. Even though he was just back from the field and about to take lunch- when he overheard that there was trouble in the front office he immediately offered to help. Desks had to be adjusted and it was an arduous task. He always has a great attitude and we all appreciate everything he does for the company.