December Employee Spotlight

Congratulations are in order for our December Employee of the Month Aaron Buechel!   Learn why he’s being recognized by his peers, and which three employees are celebrating December HCC-iversaries below.

Aaron has a great attitude and is always ready to do whatever needs to be done.   Recently a couple of co-workers needed to have their company vehicles washed and ready for an event but were short on time and ended up being out of the office unexpectedly.   Aaron stepped up to the plate and took care of them himself.  He never complains about doing tasks big or small, and never has the attitude that he’s the bosses’ son.   Thank you, Aaron, for always being in a great mood and getting things done!

Congratulations to our employees celebrating work anniversaries in December: Lori Heinzen (2 yrs), Mary Shaffer (30 yrs), and Travis Sheetz (18 yrs).   Happy HCC-iversary!