April Employee Spotlight

Brandon West is our April Employee of the Month!   Continue reading below to see why he’s being recognized by his peers.

Brandon is always helpful!   He’s very motivated and keeps himself busy.   He is the first one to jump in to take care of things, even outside the scope of his job.   He volunteered to be the go to person for issues at the Union gym.   He’s constantly handling minor maintenance issues and more.   Recently, he even came in over the weekend to help man handle the large mats (without being asked) for the cleaning person, which they greatly appreciated.   Did we mention he set the WA State Class 1 Raw Bench Press and Deadlift Record?   Go Team Brando!

Congratulations to Spencer Jones (17 yrs), Kyle Johnston (10 yrs), Brandon West (6 yrs), Gwil Wiley (5 yrs), Josh Heideman (2 yrs), and Mikey Thompson (1 yr)!   They are all celebrating work anniversaries in April.   Happy HCC-iversary!