June Employee Spotlight

Carly Yates is our June Employee of the Month.   Being dependable and willing to help out even on weekends is worthy of recognition by her peers.   Keep reading below to learn more and see which three employees are celebrating  HCC-iversaries in June.

Carly Yates is a tremendous asset to our customer service team.   Her willingness to come in even on the weekends to assist our Saturday staff in the Shelton office is greatly appreciated.   The CSR manager knows she can depend on her to help out with any task.   Even though she has her own busy work load, she always steps in when she senses that her supervisor is stressed out and needs a hand.

Congratulations to the following employees celebrating work anniversaries in June- Travis Sheetz (22 years), Carly Yates (11 years), and Cara Treadwell (1 year)!   Happy HCC-iversary!