December Employee Spotlight

Congratulations to Chris Hasek, our December Employee of the Month.   Continue reading below to find out why they are being recognized.

It is so appreciated when we ask Chris a question””even if he’s busy working on something else””he always helps out.  There are too many examples to list, but the last one was when Chris stopped in our office to drop of a receipt, an employee mentioned to Chris that their new printer was getting low on toner and they didn’t see that particular toner color in their back up stash. Chris confirmed that there wasn’t any toner, and then went down to the other printer to see if that one had any either. Chris could have ignored the problem, but he went out of his way to fix an issue that was brought up to him.  He is so kind and smart, and when we have to ask him to speak in non tech language to understand what he’s telling us, he never makes us feel dumb for asking.