February Employee Spotlight

Congratulations to Vanessa Nelson, our February Employee of the Month.   Continue reading below to find out why they are being recognized.

Vanessa is always positive and helpful. She has lent a lot of her time to training and onboarding our new customer service reps, and helped me keep the local channel updated and on the air, while maintaining all of her own daily work. She is a total rock star and I know I can rely on her.

I do not know what I would do without Vanessa. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient & kind. Even when she’s swamped, she takes time to answer my questions. She never complains about anything and never fails to help her coworkers. I can’t thank her enough for her continued support, helpfulness and determination. Her work ethic is amazing, and I really look up to her. I hope to be as knowledgeable as her some day!

When I was sick and not feeling good at all, Vanessa was so helpful! She was more than willing to help the walk ins and she even jumped on my phone to help a customer while I was having a cough attack. I am always so grateful for her awesome teamwork!