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October Employee Spotlight

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Congrats to John Oblizalo!  In October, he’s celebrating 30 years at Hood Canal Communications and he’s also the Employee of the Month!  Find out why he’s being recognized by his peers below.

John has recently been a lifesaver for technical support.  He recently helped resolve an issue and get the customer back up and running super fast.  There were problems with the service order and the equipment serial number but John got it all squared away.  Jeannie in tech support says he never gives her a hard time and responds with a “Yes ma’am” whenever she asks for help!  Keep up the good work John!

Office Closure Notifications

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The end of summer is fast approaching, and Labor Day rings in the new school year.  Our offices will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 4.  For after-hours assistance please call 360-898-2481.

September Employee Spotlight

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Hip, hip, hooray!  Congratulations are in order for our September Employees of the Month Will Crossen and Katie Peach.  Continuing reading below to find out why they are being recognized by their co-workers and which five employees are celebrating HCC-iversaries this month.

In just six months, Katie has already proved to be an invaluable part of the customer service team.  She recently handled 911 database updates and number porting while a co-worker was out of the office.  Don’t let her quiet disposition fool you- she’s very knowledgeable, helpful and has a wicked sense of humor!

Will brings his smile and sense of humor to each day!  He’s always willing to lend a helping hand.  Recently he took the time to create an outline of the steps required for getting a CDL.  This will streamline the process for future employees.  He’s also the official construction crew photographer.

Congratulations to the following employees celebrating work anniversaries in September- Robert Von Stein (25 years), Brooke Ogg (8 years), Vanessa Nelson (4 years), John Vaughn (2 years), and Dan Dahl (1 year).  Happy HCC-iversary!

Fall Sun Outages

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What are sun outages and how do they affect HCC cable customers? In both the spring and fall, the sun passes behind certain communications satellites once per day.  During this time, the energy from the sun will overpower the signal from the satellite, causing loss of signal, tiling and no reception at all on several channels. This can last 2 to 3 weeks and causes channels to go black for a brief period of time.  Initially, outages will be gradual and slight, and can last 15-20 minutes at peak times.  On your television you may see the error messages, “one moment please, this channel will be available shortly,” error code SOAOO, or “no signal” during the time of an outage. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to prevent sun outages from occurring.  All cable and satellite companies are affected by this semi-annual occurrence.  We apologize for this programming interruption.

Watch the brief video below, from another cable operator, that explains sun outages simply.


Customer Appreciation BBQ

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Join us on Friday, September 8 for our annual Customer Appreciation BBQ.  Come to our Union office at 300 E Dalby Rd from 11 am to 2 pm for food, fun, and prizes!

Meet the HCC Fiber family- GIGFoot, Meg, and Lil’ BIT while enjoying some of their favorite treats like hot dogs, chips, kettle corn, soda, and more.

Visit with your favorite HCC employees and grab a goody bag filled with swag from HCC and various cable networks.  Play a few interactive games to win even more.  The ever popular scratch tickets are back this year.  Play for your chance to win awesome prizes like a Google Home, Beats Solo 2 Wireless, Fire TV Stick, Kindle Fire, $50 Gift Card, and more.

August Employee Spotlight

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Congratulations to our August Employee of the Month Mikey Marshall.  Find out below why she is being recognized by her peers and which employees are celebrating HCC-iversaries in August.

Mikey never ceases to amaze her co-workers!  She makes a concerted effort to make sure that our new employees feel welcome and comfortable in the customer service department.  She has been especially helpful in walking them through the service order process.  #KeepSmilingMikey

During August, the following employees are celebrating work anniversaries- Mike Oblizalo (31 years), Dave Collins (27 years), Neil Jones (17 years), and Chris Hasek (3 years).  Happy HCC-iversaries guys!

July Employee Spotlight

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Congratulations to our July Employee of the Month Josh Heideman!  Read below to find out why he’s being recognized by his peers and which four employees are celebrating HCC-iversaries in July!

Josh goes above and beyond to assist HCC customers!  On a recent installation at a new construction home he found that the contractors had not connected the hot water lines and overlooked some other things.  Josh got their HCC service installed and their water working.  Good job Josh!

Congratulations to the following employees that are celebrating work anniversaries in July: Kelle Oblizalo (26 years), Cody May ( 3 years), Robin Redman (7 years), and Dustin Crawford (1 year).  Happy HCC-iversary!


July Office Closure

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Independence Day is just around the corner.  In observance of the holiday, our offices will be closed on Tuesday, July 4.  Enjoy your time off with friends and family.  Be sure to look for info about local fireworks shows and festivities at

June Employee Spotlight

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Congratulations to our June Employees of the Month Brett Fredson and Darren Eisele!  Read below to find out why they are being recognized by their co-workers.  Also check out which two employees are celebrating HCC-iversaries this month.

In just a few short months Brett has made a big impression on her co-workers.  She is very detail oriented and willing to help out with any project.  She communicates well with customers and peers alike.  She is courteous, patient, calm, and even kind of soothing.  Her customer service skills are exceptional!

Darren did an amazing job with the ACH and paperless billing campaign!  He put a lot of effort in to creating it overall, including researching the best way to implement it in our billing software.  His efforts paid off in streamlining the process for the customer service representatives and they are very grateful.

Congratulations to Carly Yates, 10 years, and Samantha Corliss, 1 year, on work anniversaries in June.  Happy HCC-iversary!




May Office Closures

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Memorial Day is just around the corner.  Our offices will be closed on Saturday, May 27, and Monday, May 29 in observance of Memorial Day.  Enjoy the long weekend with your friends and family!

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