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July Employee Spotlight

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Spencer Jones is our July Employee of the Month.  His willingness to jump in and resolve after hours service issues make him an all-star!  Continue reading below and see which employees have HCC-iversaries in July.

Spencer Jones is an all-star!  He is always will to help resolve service outages even on the weekends.  Some weekends he’s volunteering with the local fire department and manning the support escalations for HCC.  His co-workers appreciate him getting a jump start on resolving tech support calls over the weekend too.  He’s even been known to save a co-workers dropped toast.  #WhatWouldWeDoWithoutSpencer

Congratulations to the following employees having work anniversaries in July- Rick Buechel (48 yrs), Kelle Oblizalo (27 years), Robin Redman (8 years), Cody May (4 years), and Dustin Crawford (2 years).  Happy HCC-iversary!

June Employee Spotlight

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Carly Yates is our June Employee of the Month.  Being dependable and willing to help out even on weekends is worthy of recognition by her peers.  Keep reading below to learn more and see which three employees are celebrating HCC-iversaries in June.

Carly Yates is a tremendous asset to our customer service team.  Her willingness to come in even on the weekends to assist our Saturday staff in the Shelton office is greatly appreciated.  The CSR manager knows she can depend on her to help out with any task.  Even though she has her own busy work load, she always steps in when she senses that her supervisor is stressed out and needs a hand.

Congratulations to the following employees celebrating work anniversaries in June- Travis Sheetz (22 years), Carly Yates (11 years), and Cara Treadwell (1 year)!  Happy HCC-iversary!


Chris Hasek Receives CompTIA Network+ Certification

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Congratulations to Chris Hasek in our IT department.  His extensive knowledge and experience with networks was recognized when he received his CompTIA Network+ certification on Friday, May 4, 2018.  This performance-based certification helps IT representatives to validate the hands-on skills they have to troubleshoot, configure, and manage both wired and wireless networks.  Additional information about this certification is available at

May Office Closures

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Our Shelton office will be closed on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 so that customer service representatives may attend a training event.  However, customer service representatives will be available to assist customers from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in Union and over the phone on this day.

Our offices will be closed for the Memorial Day weekend.  On Saturday, May 26, 2018 our Shelton office will be closed and both offices will be closed on Monday, May 28, 2018.  If you need assistance please call support at 360.898.2481.

May Employee Spotlight

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Congratulations are in order for Dalton Hutson our May Employee of the Month.  Dalton is very helpful around HCC and he’s super subtle about it.  It’s like he’s not even really looking to be recognized but is just naturally helpful.  He always lends a hand cleaning up after our staff meetings which is greatly appreciated.  In the winter he always shows up early to de-ice the walkways before everyone else arrives.  He always says hello and is in a generally good mood all the time which is so refreshing!  He does excellent work on the construction crew doing a professional job every time.  Who’s got two thumbs and passed his CDL?  #ThisGuyDalton

Congratulations to Lorenzo Determan on two years at HCC in May.  Happy HCC-iversary!

Quest Coming to HCC

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Quest is coming to HCC cable TV and IPTV!

On Wednesday, April 4, Quest was added to the HCC IPTV lineup. On Wednesday, April 11, the network will be added to HCC Preferred Cable on channel 312.

According to the network owners, Tegna and Cooper Media, the content will include adventure and exploration programming.  The network will capture the wonder, imagination, and excitement of the natural and man-made world and feature shows about natural history, engineering and science, as well as military history and man’s greatest achievements.  It will be the only broadly-distributed factual-entertainment multicast network.  Quest will show how the world really works and will not only entertain but will inform and educate viewers as well.

April Employee Spotlight

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Brandon West is our April Employee of the Month!  Continue reading below to see why he’s being recognized by his peers.

Brandon is always helpful!  He’s very motivated and keeps himself busy.  He is the first one to jump in to take care of things, even outside the scope of his job.  He volunteered to be the go to person for issues at the Union gym.  He’s constantly handling minor maintenance issues and more.  Recently, he even came in over the weekend to help man handle the large mats (without being asked) for the cleaning person, which they greatly appreciated.  Did we mention he set the WA State Class 1 Raw Bench Press and Deadlift Record?  Go Team Brando!

Congratulations to Spencer Jones (17 yrs), Kyle Johnston (10 yrs), Brandon West (6 yrs), Gwil Wiley (5 yrs), Josh Heideman (2 yrs), and Mikey Thompson (1 yr)!  They are all celebrating work anniversaries in April.  Happy HCC-iversary!

Wifi Mo Betta

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If you utilize the wireless network service (Wifi) from Hood Canal Communications things are about to get better! HCC is moving forward with a beta test of their improved managed Wifi product.

The best part about having HCC provide your wireless network has always been that we take care of everything for you. If you have a problem getting a device connected to your network, HCC representatives can help you connect it. They can also remotely troubleshoot your network to better assist you.

Historically, the downside to having HCC provide your wireless network has been that you were forced to use a specific wireless network password. The password was complicated and consisted of multiple letters and numbers that were intermixed. Great for security but difficult for people to learn or remember. At the time of installation, HCC representatives would leave a card with the network name and password. However, the card was easy to misplace; and If you had to swap out your equipment then the password had to change again.

HCC is proud to announce that we now have the option for HCC wireless network users to set and modify a custom password- even doing so on the fly. There’s no longer a need to wait to contact HCC to change or view your password. Please note that on some devices the password may not be viewable until after they have been modified in HCC’s managed Wifi portal.

This also means you can ditch that super long and confusing password that HCC assigned you. You can now choose something that’s easier to remember. You’ll still want to follow some basic password guidelines (click here to see our previous article) to make sure that your network stays safe and secure. Just keep in mind that if you do end up changing the password, each device’s settings will have to updated too.

An additional functionality will now be at your fingertips- the ability to see all the devices connected to your local network and their IP addresses. Advanced users will now have the option to add port forwading on their own. Also, you will be able to see if undesired devices are connected to your network and stealing your bandwidth. Here’s where an on the fly password change comes in really handy. Change the network password and these devices will not be able to connect to your network.

To take advantage of this new option you’ll have to have an HCC billpay login and a compatible device (TR-069 compliant) installed at your location. Check out this tutorial to guide you through the process of setting up a billpay login and using the new managed wifi functionality. Compatible devices include some models of Arris cable modems and Actiontech routers (provided by HCC). Give our office a call, at 360.898.2481, during regular business hours if you have any questions or would like set up assistance.

¡Hola Univision Seattle!

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On Wednesday, March 21, Univision Seattle will be joining the HCC Preferred Cable Lineup on channel 310.

For all of your Western Washington news, weather, traffic, and more, en Español, turn to Univision Seattle. Don’t worry your favorite fútbol (including the Sounders) and Telenovelas can be found there too!


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In the age of identity theft and data breaches its more important than ever to follow some guidelines for online passwords.  Do you still have your passwords written down on a sticky note near the computer or attached to the bottom of the keyboard?  Are you still using 123456789 as your password?  Do you use the same password on multiple websites?  Then here’s looking at you, kid.

It can be a daunting task to come up with a great password that meets all of the criteria for various sites.  That’s why, once you’ve come up with one, it’s so tempting to use the same password over and over again.  And really what difference does it make if you use the same password for your department store online shopping cart, email account, and utility bill pay service?

The danger could begin with a data breach at just one of the merchants or organizations that you interact with.  With your personal data in hand the hacker could potentially login to your email account, view your history, and attempt to access other more critical sites and even reset the passwords for them.

Below is a summary of some tips regarding passwords in an article from Brian Barrett, published on

Be unique.  Using a unique password on each site you visit is critical.  As an example, when each site has a different password, if is hacked, there’s less of a chance of hackers using the stolen data to access your checking account at

Lengthier not trickier.  When it comes to passwords the goal is to make it harder to crack but easier to remember.  A longer password could do just the trick.  According to one source a twelve plus character password may even be more beneficial than a shorter password that requires special characters and is case sensitive.

Special not together.  Place your special characters and capitals throughout your password.  Don’t just put the capital letter at the beginning and digits and symbols at the end.

Extra rare.  Common phrases or pop culture references may be easier to remember, but they are easier to crack.  So, try making your password something unique while at the same time avoiding the use of personally identifiable info like date of birth etc.

Do the two step.  Take advantage of the two-step verification offered by some merchants and organizations.  Generating calls, texts, or emails with single use verification codes creates one more barrier for would be hackers to have to overcome.

With all of these different passwords, it’s understandable if you’re still writing them down.  But storing them next to the computer is handy for you, and for potential thieves.  If you must write them down try storing them somewhere secure but not near the computer.  Another option is password manager.  There are various password manager products available on the market today- check out this article on

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Beginning Tuesday, October 2, channels 2-70 are moving to digital only. A DTA will be required on each TV in order to continue to receive the full basic lineup. DTAs are available now at both HCC offices. Learn more at